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Fun with Cantonese - Verb  
ISBN : 962-279-223-5
  Yin-ping Cream Lee & Shin Kataoka
  Paperback,71pp (with 1 CD)
Suitable:   Intermediate Level
Pub. Date:
  US $16.95
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This book is designed for Cantonese learners who like learning Cantonese essential verbs in a fun way.Instead of introducing a complicated Cantonese verb system, basic meanings of each verb are clearly explained and real-life examples are given.Full review exercises are provided for further practice..
Features & Benefits
Entertaining illustrations to demonstrate the essential meaning of verb.
Related expressions to show the diverse uses of each verb.
Widely-used Yale romanization system with English translation.
Living examples to present the colorful application of Cantonese verbs.
Chinese characters provided for the reader to practice with native Cantonese speakers.
Clear recordings on the attached audio CD.
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