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Learn Chinese Using Cantonese -- A Comparison Between Written Chinese And Cantonese

ISBN : 978-962-279-257-9
  Bun-Ching Chow
  Paperback; 277pp; 1 CD - MP3
Suitable:   Intermediate - Advanced
Pub. Date:
  US $28.95
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The topics include: self introduction, daily activities, social life and study life. The objective of this book is to develop the ability to understand and use standard written Chinese.
Features & Benefits
Use of Yale romanization system to transcribe the Cantonese reading pronounciation of Chinese words.
Key to phonetic symbols on the inside cover.
Thorough English explanations and spoken Cantonese Cantonese equivalents are given to the new words and sentence structures.
A considerable amount of extended vocabularies introduced through intensive reading.
Numerous exercises provided for reading and writing practice.
Four review tests attached for learning reinforcement and checking progress.
Full recordings of text, vocabulary and end-of-chapter dictation on the attached audio CD.
Keys to the exercises
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