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Fun With Cantonese - Nouns  
ISBN : 978-962-279-259-3
  Yin-ping Cream Lee & Shin Kataoka
  Paperback, 86 pp (with MP3)
Suitable:   Intermediate Level
Pub. Date:
  US $16.95
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This book is designed for learners who like learning Cantonese essential nouns in a fun way. It aims to help learners to increase their "word power" and use daily expressions with confidence. Each page provides practical notes on the usage and more real-life examples. The pronunciations given in this book are descriptive rather than prescriptive.
Features & Benefits
Thirty-five basic themes demonstrated with pictures.
Idiomatic expressions with literal meanings.
Informative notes on Cantonese culture.
Practical guide to the use of Cantonese classifiers.
Modified Yale romanization system.
Chinese characters for learners to practice with Cantonese speakers.
Native recording on the attached audio CD.
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