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A Feng Shui Master - Learning Cantonese through Stories  
ISBN : 962-279-244-8
  Lee Siu Lun
  Paperback, 111pp (with 1 CD)
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  US $24.95
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The book is designed for use by intermediate and advanced students studying Cantonese as a foreign language or as their second language. It is made to achieve the following objectives: 1. To provide an interesting story for the learners to follow. 2. To expand the learners?command of vocabulary. 3. To expand the learners?Knowledge on useful sentence pattern. 4. To provide explanation of vocabulary items and sentence pattern in English.
Features & Benefits
Thorough explanation of everyday vocabulary and useful sentence pattern
Full English translation of the text on the same page
Full recording of text, vocabulary and example sentence
Chinese characters as well as Romanization are presented
A novel-like story with cultural issues and mysterious points for the learners to discuss
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