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Fun with Cantonese - Numerals  
ISBN : 978-962-279-332-3
  Yin-ping Cream Lee & Shin Kataoka
  Paperback, 98 pp (with MP3)
Suitable:   Intermediate Level
Pub. Date:
  US $16.95
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This book is designed for learners who want to learn daily-used number-related expressions in Cantonese in a fun way. It aims to help learners to understand how numerals are incorporated in authentic idomatic expressions and how they are related to Cantonese culture.
Features & Benefits
Seventy number-related expressions plus seventy related expressions;
Authentic dialogues and entertaining pictures;
Yale romanization with an index in Jyutping;
Corresponding Chinese characters and English translation;
Informative notes on Cantonese language and culture; and
Native recording.
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