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Living Cantonese for Intermediate Learners (Jyutping version)  
ISBN : 978-962-279-333-0
  Esther Bun-Ching Chow, Conrad Hoi-Cheong Chan
  152 mm 228 mm, Text with MP3, Text 328 pp, 2 color printing
Suitable:   Intermediate - Advanced
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  US $36.25
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This book is written for learners who have already mastered basic conversational skills such as greetings and asking for directions. It builds on these foundations through the provision of intensive listening material, complete with thorough explanations, which allow learners to develop confidence in expressing themselves naturally and fluently.
Features & Benefits
Authentic and lively conversations in a wide variety of social contexts.
Jargon-free, thorough explanations of rich vocabulary covering a large spectrum of human relations.
Useful patterns and sentence patterns, illustrated by three examples each, which can be easily put to practical use.
Questions and exercises designed to check on learning progress.
Notes on related cultural and linguistic points.
Nuances of Cantonese conversation explained, including contractions and reductions which often cause misunderstanding.
Full recordings of text and example sentences.
Chinese Characters given alongside romanizations.
Full, lively English translation of text on opposite page.
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