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Fun with Cantonese - Sounds and Tones  
ISBN : 962-279-222-7
  Yin-ping Cream Lee & Shin Kataoka
  Paperback, 71pp (with 1 CD)
Suitable:   Intermediate Level
Pub. Date:
  US $16.95
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This book is designed for Cantonese learners who want to learn Cantonese sounds and tones in a fun way.It aims to help learners to overcome the difficulties and to pronounce Cantonese accurately with confidence.Seventy pairs of easily mispronounced words in this book demonstrate the characteristics of Cantonese sounds and tones.The users can concentrate on the difference between each pair and mimic them.There six common terms using target sound or tone provided for further practice.
Features & Benefits
Entertaining pictures that highlight the sound difference
Common vocabulary used for each target sound
Widely-used Yale romanization system with English translation
Plain pronunciation hints
Chinese characters provided for the reader to practice with native Cantonese speakers
Clear recordings on the attached audio CD
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