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Wedding Bells: Cantonese Reading Material for Intermediate and Advanced Learners  
ISBN : 9622792030
  Cream Lee & Shin Kataoka
  Paperback, 180pp with 1 CD
Suitable:   Intermediate - Advanced
Pub. Date:
  US $21.95
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This book is primarily written for English learners of Cantonese who are interested in reading colloquial Cantonese at intermediate or advanced level. Learners with a working knowledge of written Chinese and/or Mandarin may also find this book suitable to further their Cantonese language skills.

Each chapter was written in a first-person format detailing a Chinese woman reflection upon the different stages of relational development with a Japanese man. Through the stories, learners will be able to learn vocabularies, grammar, idiomatic expressions, and phrasal expressions.
Features & Benefits
Special designed for English speaking learners of Cantonese who have approximately 250 hours of prior tuition, and who are interested in reading and speaking colloquial Cantonese at intermediate or advanced level.
The learners would acquire living Cantonese as well as understand the culture, thought and feeling of Hong Kong people by reading written Cantonese
English meaning is given for each new word and phrase and full English translation of text is provided for learner¡¦s reference
¡¥Grammar check¡¦ section briefly illustrates grammatical points of the terms or constructions that appear in each text
Usage of important phrasal expressions is explained with vivid and contextualized examples. Mandarin equivalents are shown where necessary
Cultural characteristics, social phenomena, language features and author¡¦s personal experiences of relevant topics are shared with learners in ¡¥Author¡¦s note¡¦
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