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CantonEase - A Practical Guide to Mastering Cantonese Sounds and Tones  
ISBN : 962-279-210-3
  Yin-ping Cream Lee and Ming-chu Hilda Choi
  Box Set (Text 4 CDs) , Text 184pp.
Suitable:   Intermediate / Advanced Level
Pub. Date:
  US $41.95
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The best way to learn a language is to live a language.This book teaches you comprehensively how to master Cantonese sounds and tones.It also tell you what you be saying if you mispronounced; and through the mispronunciations, it explains to you some interesting aspects of Chinese Culture and Hong Kong life which could otherwise go unnoticed
Features & Benefits
Self-evaluating tests to identify your problems and progress
Practical exercises to master the target sounds and tones
Widely-used Yale romanization system with English translation
Chinese characters for you to practice with native Cantonese
Practical listening hints and pronunciation hints
User-friendly cross-reference in each section
Clear recordings on the attached audio CDs
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