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Cantonese for English Speakers Book 1-2  
ISBN : 978-962-279-256-2
  Dr. Esther Yuk Wah Lai
  Book 1, 144pp (2CDs); Book 2, 160 pp (1CD)
Suitable:   Beginner - Intermediate
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  US $41.95
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A comprehensive set of Cantonese language learning material from the beginners to the advanced levels, catered for anyone interested in the mastery of the language, foreigner or ethnic Chinese, through transcription or the Chinese writing system.
Features & Benefits
Pronunciation: A simple tonal transcription ( 1, 2, 3,4,, ) based on physical pitch properties, making acquisition of accurate pronunciation an easy task.
Vocabulary: A wide range of vocabulary embracing all parts of speech.
Grammar: Carefully graded introduction of grammatical structures complete with pattern practices, allowing immediate understanding and assimilation for solid grammatical competence and language proficiency.
Culture: Inclusion of various Cantonese cultural elements in each chapter, enabling complete understanding of para-linguistic backgrounds.
Writing: Teaching through both transcription and Chinese characters, enhancing Cantonese as a natural language of rich cultural heritage.
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