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Spoken Cantonese for International Students  
ISBN : 978-962-279-262-3
  Chow Bun Ching
  Paperback; 270pp; 1 MP3; Workbook
Suitable:   Beginner
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  US $32.65
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This book is written by an experienced teacher for international students who need to use Cantonese as their major means of communication at school and as a medium to study the standard written form of Chinese.
The book is practical and user-friendly, offering a step-by-step approach to building up students competency in Cantonese at school. It introduces students to the basic characteristics of the Chinese language, the Cantonese phonetic structure, the basic communication skills, commonly used expressions in daily life and school environment. Equipped with basic oral language skills and familiarization of the Cantonese romanization transcription after this course, students can learn written Chinese easier and faster.
Features & Benefits
Detailed Cantonese pronunciation explanation
Use of Jyutping with English translations
A set of hand signals and diacritics invented as mnemonics for the learning of tones.
Key to Phonetic Symbols and Conversion Table of Romanization on the inside covers
Chinese characters provided for you to practice with native Cantonese speakers
Jargon-free, clear, semi-graphical format of about 110 basic sentence structures
Thorough explanation of everyday vocabulary in twenty common situations in daily life and school environment.
A considerable amount of extended vocabulary introduced for each target topic
A separate workbook providing plenty of exercises for regular practice
Cantonese to English Glossary including around 1,180 entries for your reference
Full recordings of text, vocabulary, example sentences and listening comprehension exercises on the attached audio CD
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