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A Cantonese Book (3rd Edition)  
ISBN : 978-962-279-266-1
  Chan Kwok Kin, Betty Hung
  152 mm × 228 mm, Text with MP3, Text 271 pp, 2 color printing
Suitable:   Beginner
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  US $35.45
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This book is the most comprehensive, self-placed material in Cantonese learning available today.
This, the third edition, adds more dialogue and diversified exercises. However, as in the two previous editions, the style remains simple, practical and interesting.
Features & Benefits
A practical and fun textbook for Cantonese beginners.
Ideal for course work or self study.
Both Romanization and Chinese characters provided.
A variety of useful daily expressions, dialogues, grammatical exercises and listening practice.
Pyramid drill and substitution drill allow to review sentence in an effective fashion.
English-Cantonese and Cantonese-English vocabulary lists.
A list of Cantonese slang.
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