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Putonghua-Cantonese-English Converter  
ISBN : 978-962-279-305-7
  Shin Kataoka & Cream Lee
  Paperback, 10.4cm(H) × 18cm(W), 407 pp
Suitable:   Beginner - Advanced Level
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  US $20.50
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You should find this converter useful if you have prior knowledge of Putonghua and would like to learn another major Chinese dialect. It will also be useful to you if you are interested in learning informal as well as formal Hong Kong Cantonese vocabulary. For English-speakers who are not familiar with Chinese, they should benefit greatly from this converter, as it helps them master both Putonghua and Cantonese, two of the major Chinese dialects, which leads you to success in communicating with Chinese effectively.
Features & Benefits
It is a Cantonese data bank cross-referenced in Putonghua and English;
It comes in handy-size, yet it contains more than 6000 Cantonese entries;
Cantonese vocabulary covers expressions in the informal and formal registers;
Putonghua Pinyin is used to find Cantonese equivalents; and
The English index helps you find Putonghua and Cantonese entries easily.
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