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100 Office Dialogues In Cantonese  
ISBN : 978-962-279-328-6
  Chan Kwok Kin
  Paperback (19 × 26)cm; 184pp; 1 MP3
Suitable:   Intermediate - Advanced Level
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  US $26.25
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For some thirty years, the author has been employed in Hong Kong law firms and commercial entities to teach Cantonese Chinese. Because of that, he has had constant contact with Chinese office staff.
Having heard a lot of daily casual Cantonese conversations in offices, he jotted them down and analyzed them in a dialogue form. The expressions are short, easy to memorize and easily used. He used them as teaching materials.
Features & Benefits
Include different popular topics talked about in different office environment.
Suitable for readers who have had around 200 words in Cantonese Vocabulary. Expatriates who have stayed in Hong Kong for one year or above probably have such amount of words.
Yale System Romanization with seven tones is adopted in this book.
To give more word by word translation, with the concept of leading the readers to think in Cantonese word order in sentence construction.
For English speakers who have been learning written Chinese, and for Putonghua speakers, arrangement has been made to put the Chinese character version of the dialogues at the end of the book.
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