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Decoding Chinese Characters  
ISBN : 978-962-279-299-9
  Bun-Ching Chow
  Paperback (19 × 26)cm; 304pp
Suitable:   Beginner - Advanced Level
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  US $31.80
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This book is specifically designed to help complete beginners learn Chinese characters -- no prior knowledge of spoken Chinese is necessary. You can concentrate on reading and writing the characters before you decide whether to learn the language. Since Chinese characters have a logical and recognizable structure, this book will emphasize the basic technique of writing them and the patterns of their structure. Based on the characters introduced in this book, you should have a good understanding of their evolution, formation, fundamental elements, structure and writing skills, which in turn will help you decode and compose any characters without difficulty. In addition, you will be taught how to use Chinese dictionaries in order to develop your ability to continue learning Chinese characters by yourself.
Features & Benefits
Ample lively illustrations tracing the origins or development of the characters will help you visualize their meanings and reinforce your conception of their forms.
Diagrams of the brush movements will help you understand how to write, and help develop an appreciation of Chinese calligraphy.
Besides the traditional and simplified scripts, the common printed form is presented along with each character.
Listed under the 222 character entries there are over 400 frequently used compound words that incorporate the characters.
Besides providing the form, sound and meaning of the characters, the serial number, component-order, stroke-order, number of strokes and the radical are provided for convenient reference.
Writing boxes are provided for practicing each character.
More than two-thirds of the characters have notes below them to give useful information and hints for learning the character.
Six appendices including a brief chronology of Chinese dynasties, a comparative table of different Chinese character sets, a guide to the Chinese pronunciation systems, 214 Kangxi Radicals, etc. are included for reference.
The index, arranged by number of strokes, provides great convenience for finding the meaning of the characters and their compound words.
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