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More than Cantonese Two-Part Allegorical Sayings  Volume 2  
ISBN : 978-962-279-338-5
  André Loo, Carolyn Chen
  Paperback; 160 pp; CD--audio & pictures
Suitable:   Intermediate - Advanced
Pub. Date:
  US $24.50
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This series has three volumes, each covers 15 Cantonese two-part allegorical sayings.
All sayings are focused on with cultural points and will take them as a platform to introduce history, culture, customs, living habits, natural science, and other general knowledge. Idioms, common sayings, and proverbs with similar meanings are also introduced. So really, the book is “More than Cantonese two-part allegorical sayings”.
As vulgar language is hard to avoid in daily life, we do not hesitate to mention sexual organs in context. Readers should know the phrases but not necessarily use, rather address it as language or cultural learning.
To show the real daily life of Hong Kong, most pictures in this book are taken by the authors’ cell-phone, therefore the quality is not perfect. All black and white photos have their color manuscripts in the disk attached.
Plenty of newspaper clippings are introduced as extended reading materials. Readers are free to read them at their discretion.
This series is not only good for Cantonese learners but also suitable for people interested in Chinese culture whether they are foreign language learners or even Chinese speakers themselves.
Features & Benefits
Full English translation of the text on the same page.
Full recordings of text by native Cantonese speakers.
Yale System Romanization is adopted in this book.
CD included audio and color pictures.
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