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Basic Sentence-final Particles in Hong Kong Cantonese  
ISBN : 978-962-279-340-8
  Yuen-lam Tsang
  Paperback; 152 × 228 mm, 224 pp; 2 color printing, Text with MP3
Suitable:   Intermediate - Advanced
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  US $32.95
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This book discusses the functions and usage of 44 basic sentence-final particles in Cantonese, such as aa3, laa1, ne1 and wo3. The transliteration system used is Jyutping. Example sentences and vocabulary used in this book are kept as close as possible to the speaking habits of Hong Kong people. Sentences with overly complex grammar and structure are consciously avoided, but in order to be authentic, the author have not deliberately simplified the sentences. Therefore, readers who will most benefit from this book should have reached the intermediate level and should be able to understand 60% to 70% of daily conversation in Cantonese.
Features & Benefits
Side-by-side bilingual text in English and Chinese.
Ideal for self-study and as supplementary material for classes.
Included 44 basic sentence-final particles commonly used in actual daily conversations.
Lively examples to demonstrate the uses of each particle.
Examples written in Jyutping, with written Cantonese and translations in English and Mandarin provided.
Recommended for intermediate and advanced Cantonese learners who want to express themselves more naturally and understand others correctly.
Also suitable for native Cantonese speakers who are interested in learning about this fascinating aspect in their language.
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