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Cantonese Express  
ISBN : 962-279-209-X
  Betty Hung
  Text with CD
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This is a book for self learners. It is suitable for complete beginners and those who are interested in broadening their daily vocabulary. The book provides phrases and short sentences, exactly what you need in daily situations: for example, what to say to your watchman, the taxi driver, the shop keeper, the stylist, the waiter, etc. These phrases are useful, but it is difficult to find them in other textbooks or dictionaries. The size of this book is handy, so you can carry it along, and use it whenever you need. The topics are presented in alphabetical order. There are also picture descriptions to make the book interesting and user-friendly.
Features & Benefits
25 daily topics presented in alphabetical order, handy and user-friend
A large vocabulary for each topic
Over 500 simple and useful sentences
Suitable for complete beginners
A self-help for teachers of all level
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