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Chinese in the Marketplace - Learning Chinese from Advertisements  
ISBN : 9622791435
  Semmi Brown
  Paperback, 138pp
Suitable:   Beginner
Pub. Date:
  April, 1996
  US $22.95
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Chinese in the Marketplace - Learn Chinese from Advertising takes a unique and practical approach on Chinese language learning. From the author of Read and Write Chinese, this book is base on "real-life" settings by using advertisements in magazines and newspapers. The book is suitable for classroom use or individual learning.
Features & Benefits
Based on authentic advertisements to promote relevant, conceptualized learning.
Uses three types of Chinese romanization systems: Pinyin for Putonghua; Yale and Lau for Cantonese.
Introducing gradual step-by-step learning; each unit build upon materials previously introduced
reinforces learning through various kinds of exercises and activities
provides guided practice for writing different Chinese characters
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