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Pictorial Chinese Sayings (5) - The Physical Self  
ISBN : 1890807044
  Andre Loo, et al
  Paperback, 104pp
Pub. Date:
  December, 1997
  US $8.95
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This volume contains seventy Chinese sayings in relates to the human anatomy and physiology. There are many similarities and differences between the views of East and that of the West, which makes this a interesting volume to read,
Features & Benefits
Sayings are presented in ascending order for easy reference.
Ideal for all levels of Chinese language learners
Illustrations, photos of cultural relics and a brief Chinese chronology chart are included to further illustrate the historical backgrounds of the sayings.
The meaning of each word in a saying is provided along side with the literal English translation. The idiomatic meaning and English equivalents are provided where applicable.
Two sets of transcription are provided: Hanyu Pinyin for modern standard Chinese and the Yale systems for Cantonese to help the readers to pronounce the sayings accurately.
The "Note" section includes remarks, nuances usage in different situations and additional information.
Simplified Chinese and Pinyin are used throughout the book and Traditional Chinese with Cantonese transcription are provided in the appendix for easy reference.
When it comes to a saying with several meanings, the most widely used definition will be noted. Words that look alike or have similar pronunciation, would be listed for clarification.
Related Vocabulary with Pinyin and English definition is included.
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